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Best Calcium Supplements For Women

Best Calcium Supplements For Women
Did you know that the best calcium supplements for women may not be the answer to your medical needs? It doesn’t matter how old you are, your body needs calcium. It helps you to build and maintain healthy bones while also improving the functionality of your heart, nerves and muscles throughout the body. There are other possible health benefits but the problem is we believe that taking a certain amount will be just enough throughout the day. However, what we always forget is that everyone absorbs nutrients differently and if you are not absorbing enough, you are not getting enough.
An example of this would be when you are eating an orange. The average orange has about 50 mg of vitamin C in it and you need to take anywhere from 65 to 90 mg as recommended. However, if all you have to do is eat a couple of oranges then why do people take supplements? The reason is because our bodies may not absorb all the mg found in that orange. From the 100 mg of vitamin C you’ve consumed, your body may only absorb 40-50 mg depending on your digestive system, what you eat and drink throughout the day, your metabolism and even what medications you are on.
Understanding this is why before you look into the best calcium supplements for women you want to make sure that you speak to an experienced pharmacist at Asheville RX. Not only will they be able to make a recommendation based on your needs, but they can show you ways of improving absorption including when to take it, when not to take it, what foods and beverages can help or hurt absorption and more. Visit our site and browse some of the information available or come into the store to get more details.