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Carolina Compounding Pharmacy 

Carolina Compounding Pharmacy
Why do you need to find a Carolina compounding pharmacy? It really comes down to options and right now you are limited by them. Your insurance will only let you get medication from a certain manufacturer or the medication you need is only available in a few different dosages. Limited options are what frustrate us as we try to find solutions. That’s when your doctor recommends that you look for compound pharmacies to help improve your options and give you a better chance of finding the medication that will help you. So, what exactly do these pharmacies do and why is it beneficial to you?
Compounding pharmacies take a prescription and adjust the dosage of an ingredient. For example, you are taking something to treat your thyroid but the medication is making you feel light headed and dizzy all the time. You go back to your doctor and they determine that this is probably caused by a single ingredient in the medication that can be adjusted. They call for Asheville RX to make the adjustment and you are now able to take your medication without any issues and everything runs smoothly from there. It sounds simple, but many people are unaware of this option or the many advantages that come with it.
If you are looking for a Carolina compounding pharmacy then Asheville RX is the place to go. Not only do we have a working relationship with most of the doctors in town and can help provide you elite service, but our experience in this particular area will help provide you with answers as you and your doctor look for ways to make the necessary adjustments to have you get the best results from your prescription. If you would like to learn more or to schedule a time to speak with a pharmacist, give us a call.