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Compound Medication Pharmacy 

Compound Medication Pharmacy
Not sure if you are going to need a compound medication pharmacy? It’s understandable as people haven’t been using them much for compounding services over the past few decades. However, they are beginning to make a big comeback because of our dependency on manufacturers rather than just medications. If that sounds a little confusing just take a look at the facts. A growing percentage of meds, even with the same ingredients and designed to treat the same ailments, do not provide the same results for the same person. Haven’t you ever noticed that a cold medicine that works for you doesn’t work as well for someone else?
The reason is because our bodies respond differently to different types of meds. It can be how the ingredients were put together, what degree of ingredients are in the dosage or something else. Add to that the fact that insurances only allow us to have one or perhaps two options for most types of prescriptions and suddenly we are becoming dependent of one specific type of manufacturer rather than the prescription. So, what do you do when that medicine needs to be adjusted? That’s when the services of compounding pharmacies come into play as they can make those adjustments based on your needs.
Asheville RX is your top compound medication pharmacy in North Carolina and will work directly with your doctor to ensure that you get the best service and guidance. We will work directly with your doctor to find the right dosage for your prescriptions to ensure that you are getting the best quality. Whether something needs to be strengthened or reduced, whether it’s for you, your children or even your pets, we are here to provide outstanding service for your entire family. Stop by today to speak with an experienced compounding pharmacist and learn more.