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Compound Pharmacy 

Compound Pharmacy
If you have never heard of a compound pharmacy it’s probably because you’ve mainly gotten your prescriptions from big chains. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if your doctor wants a specific order for your medication then compound pharmacies are the way to go. This used to be a very normal practice and over the last decade, these pharmacies have been gaining more popularity due to the fact that there is a higher demand for more specifically made prescriptions. You know that you will need their services when you need to alter a medication including:
  • Increase ingredients: One of the problems people face with medications is that a certain ingredient isn’t strong enough. However, they do not want to take a higher strength version of the medicine which is why you need that single ingredient adjusted.
  • Decrease ingredients: The same can be said if a certain ingredient is too strong. Often times, this is noticeable when people experience certain side effects from their medicine. Your doctor will order the adjustment.
  • Wean you off of something: Compound pharmacies are also very popular when a medicine has worked well for months or even years and the patient now needs to be slowly weaned off of it. Because you cannot quit the medicine suddenly, the dosages are reduced over a period of time.
Asheville Compound Pharmacy is your top choice for reliable, experienced service. We have helped hundreds of families throughout the years get the medications they need and we also work with children and pets to ensure that you will get the best possible service at a price you will be happy with. Feel free to browse our site for more information about our services or give us a call today to learn more and speak with a pharmacist. 
Before you get started with a compound pharmacy, there are a few things you should know that will impact your decision on whether or not to go to one. For starters, you need to understand that this isn’t something new. Originally, everyone got their medication from compounding pharmacies. Doctor’s would put in an order for a medication and the pharmacists would make the medication specific to those orders. Once companies started manufacturing meds that worked for everyone, the demand for compounded options went down but they are back in demand for multiple reasons including:
  • More awareness of what goes into your body: People are paying more attention to what they put into their bodies. Natural and organic food sales are at an all time high and more available than ever before. However, if you need to be on a medication and there are ingredients you do not want to take and can do without then you can finally have them removed from your meds.
  • Fewer options with insurance: Insurances and specific pharmacies may only cover or approve of a single manufacture or two. If that doesn’t work for you then you need to have better options that will help you get the meds you need.
  • You can target specific needs: If you need a stronger or less potent medicine but you do not want to switch brands or even change around what you are currently taking, then this is a great option that allows for the dosage of individual ingredients to be adjusted. This means you and your doctor can design the meds to fit your specific needs.
Ashville RX is your top choice for a compound pharmacy in North Carolina and can assist you with any questions you have regarding compounding medications. If you would like to learn more, feel free to stop by our store or give us a call.