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Compound Prescriptions 

Compound Prescriptions
If your doctor has recently ordered compound prescriptions for you and you aren’t sure what they are, there’s nothing to be concerned about. Compounded medications are simply put, meds that are adjusted and made to the specific orders of the doctor. For example, the doctor prescribes you something for an ailment and you are taking it for a few weeks but realize you feel light headed, dizzy and/or nauseas from it. That’s not good and you go back to the doctor to ask them for a different option. The problem is this is the medication you need to be on so changing it isn’t an option but altering it is.
An order is put in to a compounding pharmacy to alter the dosage of certain ingredients in the medicine you’ve been taking. This means the strength will be the same but some of the other ingredients will be altered to help eliminate the negative symptoms you are experiencing. Not every pharmacy can handle this type of order which is why you need one that specializes in compounding and can deliver each and every time. This is something that has been gaining popularity over the years as insurances and selection have been limited for patients and doctors have been looking for an effective and safe solution.
As you look to have your compound prescriptions orders filled, you can count on Asheville RX as your leading pharmacy of choice, not only in town but throughout North Carolina. Our experienced team is well trained and knowledgeable in compounding medications and will be able to follow the doctors’ orders exactly to ensure the best quality results. We are happy to provide this service to you as well as everyone in your family including your pets and we have done so for years. Drop by the store or call us today to find out more.