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Compounding Pharmacies Asheville NC 

Compounding Pharmacies Asheville NC
One area of the medical industry that’s on the rise are compounding pharmacies Asheville NC and all around the country. For years, if you had a prescription and needed it to be filled out then everyone went to a compounding pharmacy Asheville. As medications became more of a business and prescriptions were no longer made to order, standard chains because the norm. However, over the past decade these pharmacies are making a comeback as they offer a unique and much needed solution to an increasing problem in the medical field. Medications do not work for everyone the same way and therefore need to be made with the individual in mind.
An example of this would be if you were taking a medication for anxiety. The pill works great but you notice that your blood pressure goes up, you feel light headed and dizzy upon taking it. You go back to your doctor to review the problem and he or she feels that the adjustment of a single ingredient in the prescription would fix these problems rather than changing out the entire pill. Your doctor then places an order to a compounding pharmacy Asheville where an experienced pharmacist will adjust the medication so that it is designed with you in mind specifically. That’s the best way to go about it rather than trying a completely new medicine.
If you are looking for compounding pharmacies Ashville NC then we are the team to call. Our years of experience adjusting medications as well as working with many of the doctors throughout North Carolina, allows us to make the improvements you need to have a safer and more effective medication based on your needs. If you are interested in learning more about this option to present it to your doctor for advice, give us a call and we can get you more information.