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Compounding Pharmacy Asheville NC

When you look at a compounding pharmacy you should see great service but also more options than you would receive from a standard store. But why is that so important for you and your family? Here in Asheville, compound drug stores are much more popular because they can accommodate the needs of their customers far better than standard stores can. Think of the last time you needed to get a medication adjusted or if you had to try multiple ones to find one that worked. How much time and money did you waste during that search?
Compounding pharmacy’s are always the best choice when you need to pick a drug store to go with for you as well as your family. One of the reasons is because you will always have the option of adjusting the medications you are on based on the request of the doctor. For example, if you are getting nauseous from one of your prescriptions, compounding pharmacies can adjust the dosage of a certain ingredient to see if that will remedy the problem. The doctor has to put the order in so that the drug store can follow their instructions but it gives you more flexibility when you are dealing with long-term medications.
Another reason a compounding pharmacy are a better choice is because they can accommodate your needs more than the standard ones. For example, we will not only assist every member of your family but we also handle medications for pets as well. Imagine being able to pick up your prescription as well as your dogs on your way home from work. That’s not something other compounding pharmacies will do but we are more than happy to assist you with. Our goal is to make sure that your entire family receives outstanding service and we work hard to accomplish that. Visit us online today to learn more. 
Not all compounding pharmacys thrive with customer service. We put in the time because we understand that this is your health. These are the medications that you or a family member needs to take to get healthier and that’s important to us. That’s why we will answer all your questions and take the time to find real answers that work best for you. Here’s why we are worth a call:
  • Experienced staff: When you call or come into our store, you will be greeted by an experienced team of pharmacists who can properly guide you based on your health needs and goals. One of the reasons our patients have been with us for so many years is because they appreciate the fact that we break things down for them to ensure that they are getting the best quality care and nothing is overlooked.
  • Better options: Unfortunately not every medication works for each individual. If you are taking something and you are limited on options, we can help create new options for you. For example, a prescription you need to take has an ingredient that you are allergic to. We can remove that ingredient and make sure you are still getting a quality medicine.
  • Work with you and your doctor: We are not going to just fill your prescription and send you on your way. If you need additional assistance, we are more than happy to provide it. We will take the time to go over your needs and work with your doctor to ensure that you are getting exactly what you need.
Compounding pharmacys are back on the rise around the country because people want more options from their prescriptions. If you are not sure about something and want more information, or would like to learn what else can be done to get better results, feel free to contact us today.