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Compounding Pharmacy Services

Compounding Pharmacy Services
If you have never been in need of compounding pharmacy services before then you aren’t alone. The truth is the demand for them was beginning to go down over the past few decades until recently when doctors and patients started finding a need for them. Some medications have multiple variations from different manufacturers. Whether you need to stick with one because of your insurance or because the other ones do not work as well, you are happy to have one you can rely on. However, what do you do if you need the dosage of an ingredient or two adjusted in that prescription? That’s when you would call on a compound pharmacy to make the adjustment.
Whether it’s upon taking the prescription for the first time or if you have been on it for years and need something elevated or reduced, compound pharmacies provide you with the option of tweaking your meds based on doctors’ orders, to provide a more personally modified solution. This is very popular when patients are being weaned off a certain prescription and there aren’t many options available. An order can be put into the pharmacy that will reduce the dosage of specific ingredients so that you can safely begin taking less and less.
That’s the reason compounding pharmacy services are returning and in high demand. However, at Asheville RX we believe in offering more than just the standard services and options. If you need assistance in finding the best supplements, immunization or need something for your children or even your pets, we are here to help. As you look through the options that are available, feel free to visit us or give us a call and learn more about the elite service we can provide you and your entire family in Asheville and all around North Carolina for years to come.