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Female Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual health is important.  Having a healthy sex life is important for your overall wellbeing and maintaining a healthy relationship with your significant other.  Asheville Compounding Pharmacy works to resolve issues of female sexual dysfunction.  Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to be sexually active but not having the desire or the ability to orgasm.
Sexual health issues can involve a lot of different issues so it’s important to make sure you talk to your health care providers about your specific sexual health issues.  Once your issues are identified, Asheville Compounding Pharmacy can help resolve those issues.
For example, we have lots of compounded prescription options for estrogen supplementation.  Estrogen supplementation can help with some sexual dysfunction symptoms such as low libido, vaginal dryness, and painful intercourse.  Moreover, other hormone supplements such as adding testosterone to a compounded prescription may help improve sexual response and your ability to orgasm.
Sometimes optimized sexual health can be attributed to lack of sleep or chronic tiredness.  Once your sleep is improved, then sometimes sexual desire begins to increase.  The important takeaway is that sometime hormone supplements are needed and sometimes hormone supplements are not needed.  Remember to always discuss your sexual dysfunction issues with your health care provider and pharmacist to determine the most personalized approach to your specific health care needs.