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Medication Synchronization Program 

Medication Synchronization Program
A medication synchronization program is a great way to make sure that you aren’t running to the pharmacy every week and also staying on top of your dosages. This is more popular with people who are on 2 or more prescriptions as well as those who are shopping for their entire family. One of the problems people experience in their hectic schedules is trying to fit everything into place. If you are going away on the weekend and that’s when you need to pick up a certain medicine, it can cause a scheduling problem. We will work with your doctor to create a program that makes things much easier on you and eliminates a lot of headaches.
One of the reasons it’s best to do this type of a plan with a compounding pharmacy is because if you need any medicines adjusted, you know that your prescription will be ready on the exact same day of every month and that you can schedule it as you plan out your week. Adjusting medications is nothing new but is becoming more in demand as people are needing specific prescriptions to be altered in order to accommodate their needs. As these adjustments are made, it’s beneficial to be able to pick them up from the same pharmacy at the same time as your other prescriptions and those of your family as well.
Ashville RX can help you create a medication synchronization program that will make things a lot easier on you and your family. If you are on two or more prescriptions, whether they are compounding or not and you would like to simplify the process of picking them up, then we will work with you and your doctor to ensure that you are getting the best possible service. Feel free to contact a pharmacist today to learn about your options.
Asheville Compounding Pharmacy  ( is a full-service pharmacy that has been serving Asheville and surrounding areas since 1992. This is a state-of-the-art pharmacy that prides itself on high-quality customer service and has integrated state of the art technologies like medication synchronization (Med Sync) to streamline the process of filling and refilling your prescription meds.
Med Sync allows customers to achieve the following;
  • Simultaneous refilling of all recurring medications
  • Establish a consistent routine for pharmacy visits
  • Improve your adherence to prescribed dosages
The Med Sync process does exactly what is says’ it syncs your medications to limit the times you must visit the pharmacy. The program takes into consideration all of your issues, and synchronizes the filling and refilling of these meds.
One of the primary gaps in health care these days is having patients who are too inconsistent with their medications and coordination of the prescription filling process has proven to alleviate this problem to a considerable degree.
With a medication synchronization program that syncs your meds, alerts you when the refills are needed, and monitors your adherence to the program, will lead to better health in the long run.
By incorporating these new technologies at the pharmacy level, Asheville RX has become a true partner in your well-being, offering more than the typical, strictly transactional relationship you might have at another pharmacy.
Managing medications prescribed by numerous doctors for multiple afflictions no longer has to be solely your concern. You can rely on Asheville RX as part of the pharmacy’s medication synchronization program to help ensure you are getting the right meds at the right times in an efficient, streamlined manner.
Visit for more information on getting involved in a Med Sync program today.