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Pharmacy Compounding Services 

Pharmacy Compounding Services
Why should you choose pharmacy compounding services over those of a standard one? Ever notice that a certain type of medication worked for someone else but it didn’t work as well for you? Everyone is different and our bodies can react differently to different types of prescriptions. Your doctor and the pharmacy compounding your medication will work together to find the right mixture in order to make sure that you are getting the most from your prescription. 
Finding pharmacy compounding options is important because it minimizes the need to rely on exact dosages when you are on prescriptions. What does that mean exactly? When you start a new medication some of the ingredients may be too strong or not strong enough. Or they were fine when you started but after some time, you need the dosage of certain ingredients elevated or reduced. Either way you do not want to have to switch to a different type or strength if it’s not necessary. Compound pharmacies will actually adjust the dosage of certain ingredients based on instructions from your doctor so that the medication is made with you in mind, not just for the general public. This is a big advantage for people who experience certain side effects and need their prescription adjusted. 
Ashville RX has helped hundreds of customers get the most from our pharmacy compounding services. We will work directly with your doctor to ensure that your medication is properly adjusted so that you can still get the same type, just with different dosages and effectiveness. If you are experiencing any side effects from your current prescription and have been considering adjusting it with pharmacy compounding, then give us a call today and we will speak directly to your doctor to help find an effective solution. Our job is to get you feeling better and that starts the moment you call us.