In this world of computer automation, you probably count yourself fortunate if you manage to speak to an actual person at many businesses. It’s easy to feel that customer service is an outdated concept that you vaguely remember from your past. Thankfully, customer service hasn’t died everywhere. You just have to know where to look.

There’s an Asheville pharmacy on Merrimon Avenue on the north side of town that still believes each customer is special. What some people refer to as the “Cheers effect” speaks to the joy of going to a place where people know your name. There’s a lot to be said for being treated like an actual person instead of being treated like a prescription number.

An Asheville Pharmacy at Your Service

If you’re new to the area or just dissatisfied with your current pharmacy, Asheville Compounding Pharmacy offers a variety of services that matches their care and professionalism. If you’re able to see past the huge corporate chain pharmacies, you’ll find a locally owned Asheville pharmacy that holds fast to the old ways of treating its customers.

For starters, when you call in a prescription or take advantage of the easy-to-use refill system, you can always choose to have your prescriptions delivered to your home. Don’t worry about getting out when you’re unable or don’t feel well — or when you just don’t have the time to pick up vital medicines and supplements. Asheville Compounding Pharmacy comes to you, usually within 24 to 48 hours.

Beyond the Basics

Just a few of the other services you won’t find at the chains include custom-crafted medications specifically tailored to your individual needs. When the exact dosage isn’t available commercially, or you’re allergic to certain ingredients, your compound pharmacist can fulfill your needs, based on your doctor’s prescription.

Look to this Asheville pharmacy for:

  • The exact same level of care and medication design for the most loyal, loving, and furry members of your household. You won’t find another Asheville pharmacy that can treat your pet as well as they treat you.
  • A wide array of natural and local medicinal products and supplements — and you’ll find many, including CBD oil, in stock. Other supplements can be special-ordered quickly for your convenience.
  • A knowledgeable staff that’s capable of telling you about the benefits of each supplement and what’s right for you. The pharmacy team researches the products they sell and can tell you which are safe for you and which may react with your medications.
  • Consultations about your medications, nutrition or hormones. They are committed to your health. And working with you to advance your physical health and mental acuity to its highest potential is their ultimate aim.

No Room to Doubt 

When it comes to all of your medical and personal needs, there isn’t another Asheville pharmacy that even compares. There’s no substitute for this level of individual care, where people still pride themselves on taking the time to learn your name.

Everybody deserves to be more than a name in a system. You deserve to be a part of a health-conscious community with an unparalleled commitment to excellence. Going to Asheville Compounding Pharmacy is like taking a refreshing step back into a time where people actually mattered — and they deliver!

John Clark
John Clark
Pharm D.