Eating a balanced diet and making sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need is always the best advice, but it’s especially vital during pregnancy. Omega-3 fatty acids are in the structural components of all the cells in your body, and they’re among the nutrients needed for your growing baby. Nutrients can only be obtained from the mother through the placenta, and so pregnant women should strongly consider taking a high-quality fish oil supplement.  The benefits of EPA and DHA during pregnancy help promote:

  • Brain development
  • Central nervous system development
  • Prevention of preeclampsia

Many pregnant women don’t consume enough foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Seafood is a good source of both EPA and DHA, but concerns about mercury contamination may lead to uneasiness about eating a lot of fish during pregnancy. This is one reason that fish oil supplements containing both EPA and DHA may be beneficial during pregnancy. More importantly, ACP Omega has all mercury, other heavy metals, and PCBs removed through vacuum distillation.

How Much Fish Oil Should I Take?

Supplements of fish oil come in capsule, pill and liquid form. Doses of these supplements vary widely. Recommended amounts of EPA and DHA haven’t been established, but a typical supplement contains 1,000 mg of fish oil and about 120 mg DHA and 180 mg EPA.  Asheville Compounding Pharmacy exceeds the typical amount of DHA and EPA in most fish oil supplements.  Asheville Compounding Pharmacy’s fish oil contains 430mg EPA and 390mg DHA per 1 capsule.  With all this in mind, we recommend at least 2 capsules per day of ACP Omega.

What Makes Your Fish Oil Different?

ACP Omega contains high amounts of EPA and DHA per capsule.  Equally important is all the ingredients not in ACP Omega.  ACP Omega DOES NOT contain heavy metals, pesticides, and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).  Additionally, when you purchase ACP Omega, you gain access to our well trained pharmacists that can answer your questions about ACP Omega. That’s a distinct advantage of Asheville Compounding Pharmacy.

Whether you’re pregnant and looking for a reliable source of fish oil, want the benefits of EPA and DHA without worrying about added ingredients, or need pharmacists knowledgeable about natural ways to stay healthly, contact the team at the Asheville Compounding Pharmacy today. Curbside service are available at the newly remodeled store on Merrimon Avenue.

John Clark
John Clark
Pharm D.