The winter season sends most people into hibernation — huddling beside the fireplace, in front of the television set or curled up with a good book. Eating habits change and too often, exercise programs fall with the temperatures. It’s not unusual, then, to need a reboot come springtime.

It’s time now to prepare to restart your outdoor exercise routine — whether that means walking, jogging, playing golf or tennis. You can help your body get ready for the warmer days and extra activities from the inside with a healthy diet and dietary supplements. 

Pharmacies in Asheville NC, like the locally-owned Asheville Compounding Pharmacy, stock a wealth of top-drawer supplements, and have knowledgeable pharmacists to advise you on the best ones to take to suit your needs.

Change Your Life to Change Your Health

Winter keeps you indoors, where heat dries your skin and germs congregate in the air. Fighting colds and the flu becomes a full-time job for your immune system. You can make it easier on yourself by living a healthier lifestyle. For example, consider:

  • Exercising five times a week, even if it’s just walking around the block
  • Giving up cigarettes for good
  • Drinking alcohol in moderation, which works out to:
    • Two drinks a day for men
    • One drink per day for women
  • Eating your full share of colorful vegetables and fruits
  • Keeping your weight at an optimal level, as obesity promotes all kinds of diseases
  • Avoiding high-stress situations or mitigating stress with stress-busting practices like meditation
  • Getting enough sleep, every night
  • Washing your hands with soap and hot water before touching your face or your food

Rely on Pharmacies in Asheville NC

Get good advice from your pharmacist too. You may think all pharmacies in Asheville NC are in business to sell drugs, but Asheville Compounding Pharmacy is in business to take care of its customers too. Sometimes that means filling prescriptions, but other times, it means offering suggestions based on in-depth study, experience and the collected data of pharmacology and physiology.

Many herbal remedies and dietary supplements contribute to strengthening your immune system and boosting your energy levels. And when your energy is high, your attitude is positive, too. Some of the recommended dietary supplements that put a little more spring into your step as springtime approaches include:

  • Vitamin B12 is one of the complex B vitamins that do all kinds of good things for your body, from stabilizing your nervous system to helping your bones produce new red blood cells. By supporting your heart and brain, it allows your body to focus on energy production when needed.
  • Zinc can help you fight off a cold if you take it as soon as you notice your symptoms.
  • Vitamin D has many heralded benefits, both physical and emotional, and it’s the one vitamin you can’t easily get from food.
  • Iodine may be the forgotten ingredient in table salt, but it’s essential to the human body. Working through your thyroid gland, it’s involved with healthy, youthful energy.
  • Ginseng can be a powerful energy-booster, but not all ginseng is created equal.
  • CoQ10 works on the cellular level to provide energy for your body and fight fatigue. Make sure you take it in the morning, not in the evening.

Finally, remember that your body is 98 percent water. So, keep it hydrated. Drink plenty of water, regardless of the season, and your body will be better able to absorb these dietary supplements, which you can find at pharmacies in Asheville NC. Your immune system will thank you.

John Clark
John Clark
Pharm D.