It’s time to change the thinking that testosterone therapy is only used in men.

It’s also the MOST abundant active sex steroid in women… keep reading to learn more about the roles of testosterone in women and men.

Roles of Testosterone in Women:
  • Helps improve mood and anxiety levels
  • Helps maintain and supports bone density, muscle size and strength
  • Maintains libido and sexual response
  • Helps maintain health and sensitivity of labia, clitoris, and nipples
  • Read a great article that discusses the Top 10 Myths about testosterone’s use in women.


Roles of it in Men:
  • Helps maintain cardiovascular system by dilating blood vessels
  • Maintains lean muscle mass and reduces fat mass
  • Helps improve mood, memory and energy levels
  • Maintains reproductive and sexual health
  • Helps sustain bone density and strength
John Clark
John Clark
Pharm D.