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Main Difference Between Compounded Medications & Mass-Market Drugs
Years ago, when your doctor prescribed a medication, your pharmacist would mix the appropriate ingredients together to provide you with the required prescriptio...
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What is EPA in Fish Oil?
What Essential Fatty Acids Are in Fish Oil? Essential fatty acids are important nutrients for your optimum health and well-being. They’re polyunsaturated fatt...
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No bones about it: The Latest in the Bone Density Fight
Bones are made of living tissue and are continually rebuilding and remodeling, especially during childhood and adolescence. Bone growth peaks around the age of...
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What is DHA in Fish Oil?
What Are Fish Oil Supplements Good For? Fish oil supplements are made from the oils extracted from fish. Fish oil in food and in supplements is an excellent sou...
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Nudging Toward a Culture of Wellness
An unhealthy approach to life is characterized by focusing on disease management — and reaching for a quick fix whenever you feel ill. It also means consuming...
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