You get a certain comforting feeling when you walk into a place that you recognize. People call out your name. You’re among friends. That’s exactly the level of personalized customer care you receive from the pharmacists and employees at Asheville Compounding Pharmacy.

Your medical care is too important to be left up to chance. The specifics of your medical history and present needs are a lot more involved than a prescription number. Your personal Asheville pharmacist takes the time to learn about you as both a patient and a person.

What Your Asheville Pharmacist Can Do for You

Several services can’t be accomplished by cookie-cutter chain pharmacies. When you visit the big chains, you not only lose the friendly local feeling, you also sacrifice the one-of-a-kind care. But when you team with an Asheville pharmacist who values your business and thinks of you as a friend, you can:

  • Develop a wellness plan
  • Determine long-term visions and goals
  • Learn how your medications interact or counteract other things you’re taking
  • Allow your pharmacist to simplify your life by compounding your medications and supplements whenever possible

Compounding is simply a service that became displaced by the modern style of big-box pharmacies. Compound medications have many benefits beyond their sheer simplicity. Getting back to this style of individualized care marks the return to a time when customers actually mattered more than the bottom line.

Design Your Personal Supplement Routine

Medical and dietary supplements are sold in many types of stores these days. No matter where you look, you can find them. But all supplements are not created equal. And not all supplements react well with your prescriptions and lifestyle choices.

When you buy them from a leading Asheville pharmacist, you can trust that you’re purchasing only pharmaceutical grade supplements of the highest quality. They’ve painstakingly tested each brand they carry for potency and purity because they only sell the best to their friends. Ask your pharmacist about:

  • Fish oil. The type of fish oil you need depends on the reasons why you’re taking it. And how much you take depends on your age and your medical conditions. Sound confusing? It doesn’t have to be. Your friendly neighborhood pharmacist has it all figured out and can probably combine some of the things you’re taking to make your life easier.
  • Valerian. This supplement is amazing if you’re looking for help getting to sleep. But you may be surprised to hear your pharmacist tell you about how the calming effect of valerian can also be used to reduce your anxiety and increase your energy. Compounding Valerian with other supplements produces a synergistic effect that multiplies the primary compound’s effect.
  • CBD oil. Credited with treating conditions ranging from inflammation to epileptic seizures, this natural supplement is quickly becoming a medicine cabinet staple. Since CBD oil has gained such mass appeal, it’s currently being produced without much regulation. You need to be able to trust the quality and safety of your supply. Your Asheville pharmacist has taken all the guess work out of your supplements.

The Cheers Effect

Feeling like an individual matters. Trusting your Asheville pharmacist matters. Knowing you’re getting the safest and best products matters. Having the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing you’re receiving the best quality care matters.

When you feel good about your medicines, supplements and medical care providers, you gain a sense of quiet confidence that comes from knowing your health is a priority to you and your pharmacist. So… Cheers!

John Clark
John Clark
Pharm D.